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Summer School in an App?
Vancouver Tutor Creates iPhone App to Make Summer Math Practice Fun
DigitZ: Available on the App Store
VANCOUVER, BC – June 10, 2017 – Just in time for summer break, Vancouver start-up TapDream Arts announces that KidgitZ for iPhone©, iPod touch©, and the iPad© is available in the App Store. KidgitZ is a fun, fast-paced math game for elementary age kids and a great tool for parents looking for an easy and fun way to maintain their kids’ math skills over the summer months.

Research confirms what our intuition tells us—kids lose learning over the summer. And according to the National Summer Learning Association, it can be up to two months of learning, particularly in math. But most kids don’t want to spend their summer doing math worksheets and summer school. That’s where KidgitZ comes in.

“Summer school is not the only way to maintain kids’ skills,” says David Mauro, creator of KidgitZ and founder of TapDream Arts. “Portable technology like the iPad and iPhone make keeping ahead of summer brain drain easy. And there’s no need to worry about scheduling holidays around classes—kids can take their learning with them.”

From his own experience as a tutor, Mauro knows how hard it is to get kids to sit down and do math drills. And as an avid gamer himself, he also knows how much more appealing it is to learn something when it’s in game form. So Mauro set out to create an app that would look and play like a game but was really a fun way for kids to improve their addition skills. And with a Masters degree in math and 20+ years as a software developer, Mauro was uniquely positioned to create such an app.

“I first created a game for adults called DigitZ. I got so much feedback from parents telling me they wished there was something like that for kids, I created KidgitZ.” Mauro worked with parents, teachers, and the experts themselves—kids—to make the game, incorporating their feedback and suggestions.

The result? A Tetris®-like game where kids pick a target number (from 4 to 12) and then try to stay ahead of falling tiles. Tapping tiles that correctly add up to the target number eliminates those tiles, but more tiles keep falling. Kids are so busy adding numbers and keeping ahead of the tiles, they don’t even notice that they’re practicing their math facts and getting faster at them too.

KidgitZ is available worldwide for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad from Apple’s App Store.

TapDream Arts, an independent iPhone app development company based in Vancouver, Canada, was formed in 2010 by David Mauro.
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