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Vancouver Start-up Tapping into App Market
Brain-building Numbers Game Now Available in Apple’s App Store
DigitZ: Available on the App Store
VANCOUVER, BC – April 27, 2011 – Vancouver start-up TapDream Arts today announces the release of their game DigitZ exclusively for the iPhone©, iPod touch©, and iPad©. A highly addictive Tetris-type numbers game, DigitZ keeps players totally engaged as they try to eliminate falling number tiles before the tiles reach the top of the screen.

“I started out thinking what makes a game great,” says David Mauro, the game’s creator and founder of TapDream Arts. “I wanted something that was a “brain-builder” and fun, but I also wanted it to have a lot of range as a game.” The idea was to create a game that was challenging but not impossible and offered a number of different game elements to keep it interesting. Popular games like Angry Birds offer that kind of range.

With that in mind, Mauro designed DigitZ with a variety of game modes and tiers so it appeals to both the casual player who just wants something to pick up and put down, and the avid gamer who wants strategic, intense play. “We’ve got two game types and three game modes, which determine how the game levels up. Combining the three tiers of difficulty and ten levels for each tier provides hundreds of game variations that will keep even the most avid gamer hooked,” said Mauro.

The game is visually exciting as well, with a variety of different tile sets to choose from, each with its own gameplay challenges. Players can also upload their own tile set ideas to the TapDream Arts web site.

DigitZ is now available worldwide from Apple’s App Store. To try before you buy, try DigitZ Lite. (Available as a free update if you purchased our original games 9DigitZ or 9DigitZ Lite.)

TapDream Arts, an independent iPhone app development company based in Vancouver, Canada, was formed in 2010 by David Mauro.
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