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KidgitZ + DigitZ = Great reviews
DigitZ: Available on the App Store
Addictive, it is! Students were so engaged that they never even heard the bell ring and the next period was lunch and recess! Several students came looking for me and my iPad to continue playing during extra help. Their responses were all similar, with mentions of how hard it was to stop playing this AWESOME game!
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KidgitZ is a perfect game for both kids and adults. If you are a parent you can get the most useful and entertaining app for your kids this season. It not only will make kids faster and sharper in calculation but will also fetch more fun in their leisure time.
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DigitZ and KidgitZ are fast paced math based games that can really help your children (and you) polish up their addition skills.
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DigitZ is a fun Tetris-type game, with sneaky math practice thrown in. It is surprisingly fun, and kids will come away with quicker math facts recall. A win-win for parents and kids.
Rating: 4 stars (out of 4)
USA Today -- 10 great roadtrip games for kids

Overall DigitZ is an addictive game that offers a great amount of challenge and fun for any player. Whether you’re a child in school just learning basic arithmetic or a graduate student finishing up calculus, anyone is capable of enjoying this game.
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