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KidgitZ: Available on the App Store
KidgitZ: Available on the App Store
KidgitZ – It adds up to fun!

KidgitZ now inlcudes a multiplication game!
A super fun, fast-paced numbers game for elementary-age kids to practice their addition and multiplication facts.

Kids pick the target number and then the number tiles start falling. For addition, tapping two or more numbers that correctly add up to the target eliminates those tiles. For multiplication, tapping two or more numbers that correctly multipliy to a target product eliminates those tiles. But more tiles keep falling.

Kids are so busy keeping ahead of the tiles, that they don’t even notice that they’re practicing their math facts and getting faster at them too.

And for older kids (yes, the ones from 9 to 99), check out DigitZ. Same idea but faster play, many more game combinations, and opportunities for strategy.

" . . . a great math game"
-- Common Sense Media

"At Fun Educational Apps we liked the game play of the app, kids feel like they are playing where in fact they are practicing addition. We enjoyed the fact that you can target the number. My youngest son had problem with his number bonding to 10. We played KidgitZ with the target 10 for a while and it really helped."
-- Fun Educational Apps

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