KidgitZ Objective
To eliminate a set number of tiles before the level ends. To play through all the levels and eventually complete Level 10.

Game screen help
For help with the game screen, tap the game screen help button in the top right corner.

KidgitZ How to play
Tap on tiles to create number combinations that add up to the target number. The number of tiles you have to eliminate depends on the level.

The number of tiles you have to eliminate appears at the top of the screen.

The target number appears in green at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Scoring is determined by eliminating tiles The more tiles you use in a combination, the more points you score.

For example, if the target number is 10, you score more points for choosing 1, 1, 1, and 7 than you do for choosing 5 and 5.

Game level
Level 1 is easiest; 10 is hardest. The level increases the speed at which the tiles fall. For the higher levels the tiles will also spin as they fall.

KidgitZ Settings
Use the settings below to customize your game.

Game mode
Auto levels The game always starts at level 1.
Pick levels You pick the level you want to start at.

Tile sets
Choose from a variety of tile sets. Each tile set gives a different visual experience sometimes making number recognition easier, sometimes making it harder.

Turn game sounds on or off.

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