DigitZ Objective
To eliminate a set number of tiles before a level ends.
To play through all the game combinations at each tier level and eventually complete Level 10.

DigitZ How to play
The number of tiles you have to eliminate (about a 100 tiles) depends on the game settings, but in all games you eliminate them the same way – by tapping on tiles to create number combinations that add up to the target number.

The number of tiles you have to eliminate appears in white at the top of the screen.

The target number appears in green at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Scoring is determined by the complexity of the game. In general, however, the more tiles you use in a combination, the more points you score.

For example, if the target number is 10, you score more points for choosing 1, 1, 1, and 7 than you do for choosing 5 and 5.

Game screen help
For help with the game screen, tap the game screen help button in the top right corner.

Game Tier
Easy – The target number is always 10. Tiles drop into the lowest space available. The game ends when all the columns are full to the top of the screen.
Medium – The target numbers increase from 11 to 20. Tiles drop in sequence across columns. The game ends when any column reaches the top.
Hard – The target numbers vary randomly between 11 and 30. Tiles fall into random columns. The game ends when all the columns are full to the top of the screen.

Game Level
Level 1 is easiest; 10 is hardest. Depending on the tier, the level increases the speed at which the tiles fall, increases the spin on the tiles, and, in some cases, starts the game with rows already in place.

DigitZ Settings
Use the settings below to make your game as easy or as hard as you like.

Game Type
Drop (easier) – As you use up tiles, the tiles above them in the same column drop into the open spaces created.
Block (harder) – As you use up tiles, the tiles above them do not drop into the spaces created. However, if you manage to clear all the upper tiles in a column, the next tile that falls in that column drops as far down as it can. Much more challenging.

Game Mode
Leveled (easier) – The game pauses after each level is passed. Each new level starts at the beginning of that level. The score resets to zero.
Continuous (harder) – The game continues without stopping between levels. The target number for the next level appears, and the game continues. The score is carried forward. More challenging.
Championship (hardest) – The same as Continuous, but with no pauses. Once you start, you are in it non-stop for the duration of the game. The score is a running total.

The game always begins at the first level. If you exit the game and then return later, the game starts at the last level played. Modifying any Campaign setting restarts the campaign.

Tile sets
Choose from a variety of tile sets (more sets released later.) Each tile set gives a different visual experienceÑsometimes making number recognition easier, sometimes making it harder.

Turn game sounds on or off

DigitZ Advantages (advanced)
Gain "advantages" by gaining points in a game. As you gain extra points, the yellow progress bar at the bottom of the screen begins to fill with green. When the progress bar is full, plus signs flash on the screen and advantages become active. Tap on the button with the plus signs to choose your advantage.
Slower – Tiles fall more slowly.
Low digits – Falling tiles have a greater chance of being a lower digit.
Countdown – Shows the remainder needed to hit the target number.

Advantages have a time limit (less time at higher tiers). The progress bar counts down for you. Running advantages and advantage points carry across levels.
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