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DigitZ: Available on the App Store
DigitZ: Available on the App Store
Our Tetris-like game for kids from 9 to 99.

"DigitZ is a fun Tetris-type game, with sneaky math practice thrown in. It is surprisingly fun, and kids will come away with quicker math facts recall. A win-win for parents and kids. Rating: 4 stars (out of 4)"
-- USA Today -- 10 great roadtrip games for kids

"DigitZ is an addictive game that offers a great amount of challenge and fun for any player"
-- Greg Young, AppAdvice

DigitZ is a HIGHLY ADDICTIVE NUMBERS game where youíre racing to eliminate falling tiles before they reach the top of the screen.

Eliminate tiles by choosing the ones that add up to your TARGET number. But be STRATEGIC because you canít use up too many small numbers or there wonít be enough to beat the level. Your mind has to move in many different directions to keep AHEAD of the game!

Play a LEISURELY game or make it INTENSE. Choose from two different types of play, each with three tiers of difficulty and ten levels in each tier. Each game also has three game modes leading to dozens of game combinations of varying complexity and difficulty -- all fun.

Get DigitZ now! Itís brain-building addictive fun!

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